Personalize your auction

Create an auction in your image

Appropriate the platform by:

  • Adding your auction's and/or organization's logos
  • Download your auction banner
  • Designating the Facebook share image
  • Choosing colours
  • Determining your URL extension

Create a familiar space for your participants by personalizing your auction to reflect your organization's brand.

The platform visual customization page. The fields “Choose accent colour”, “Event logo” and “Home page banner” allow you to create an auction that reflects your image.

Choose your language

Just like Canada, hold a bilingual auction and reach out to twice as many people!

If on the contrary, you do not want to work in both languages, you can decide to use the platform only in French or English.

Your participants will be able to see the auction in the language of their choice.

An example of how the platform allows you to create bilingual auctions. The “Title” and “Description” fields are displayed in both languages, allowing you to translate your content directly to offer it in English and French.

Configure privately

Keep your auction top secret until the last minute, or publish it in advance so participants can start scouting and create hype: the choice is yours!

You can also preview your auction to ensure it's perfect to the last detail.

The platform’s dashboard displays the “Publish auction” button in the “Welcome to Followmybid” banner, giving you the flexibility to publish your interactive auction whenever you want.

Display on the big screen

Benefit from our giant screen interface for your hybrid or in-person events.

The screen displays in real-time:

  • The wifi participants can log into to bid
  • The countdown to the end of the auction
  • The information concerning the last bids
The giant screen shows that the organization is at 65% of the $32,000 fundraising goal and that there are 3 hours 58 minutes and 36 seconds left to the auction.

Play on many boards

Your organization can hold numerous auctions simultaneously and add different teams for each one. You'll be able to switch from one to another in a few clicks.

Two windows are opened with different online auctions that also show different administrators.

Set a goal

Display your goal and progression towards it proudly during the auction.

Or keep this information confidential between your team and yourself.

A needle on a gauge shows that the organization is approaching 50% of its fundraising goal.

Rule like a king

Here you make the rules! A dedicated page allows you to communicate your auction rules with your participants.

You can always use it to explain how to pick up their items.

An open rulebook displays the do’s and don’ts of the online auction.

Want to know everything about organizing an auction?

With our pre-recorded and personalized demos, you'll have all the tools you need to run your most successful auction to date.

Plan your dates

Create an auction of the duration of your choice and decide exactly at which moment you will publish it.

Your auction will start and end automatically at the chosen times.

It is possible to modify the end of the auction date at all times without restriction.

The personalized online auction dates are displayed on an electronic calendar with a “Create Auction” button.

Make the fun last

The overtime mode allows you never to miss a bid.

How does it work? Simple: each new last-minute bid will add a pre-established time to your auction.

Like traditional auctions, this option lets you accept all bids as long as a person overbids.

The Interactive Auction Extension pop-up is open and displays the time customization options.

Collect sales taxes

The sale tax module allows you to decide on which items you want to apply taxes and calculate them automatically according to your province.

A calculator and an invoice on which taxes are added.

For VIPs only

If you are more of the discrete type, you can create a private auction where participants will be able to join on invitation only. Your Web auction will be hidden from others.

An envelope contains an invitation to a private, invitation-only online auction.

Be anonymous... or not!

If you wish, hide the identity of your participants to imitate a 100% anonymous silent auction. You can also let participants decide if they want to present themselves anonymously or not.

Two people who will participate in an interactive auction.

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