Follow your progress in real-time

Configure in peace

From your first connection, an interactive dashboard will welcome and guide you in your auction creation process.

The configuration is simple and intuitive from the addition of partners to the publication.

The home page of the online auction platform welcomes you to Followmybid.

Don't forget any step

The interactive dashboard serves as an accompanying tutorial that guides you toward all the steps needed to create your auction.

With this guide simplifying your auction's configuration, you'll be able to work out all the details in no time!

The list of steps for creating a web auction suggest adding partners, managing items, adding participants and using the messaging system.

Take a well-deserved break

The dashboard saves your modifications automatically and remembers your progression. You can therefore leave the platform and pick up exactly where you left off.

A section at the bottom of the board indicates all your recent activities, so you can also see modifications done by other collaborators.

The list of the latest partners, items and participants added to the online silent auction.

Add your partners

Easily see the last added partners and easily check if you have entered all their information correctly.

Create your partner categories and feature partners in a few clicks.

A handshake between a fundraising organization and a partner of its online auction.

Invite your participants

Quickly see who you've added recently or view the complete list of participants.

This list will also allow you to check if they have registered for the auction, and send reminders if needed.

A paper airplane notifies a participant to remind them to register for the online auction.

Manage your items

See the latest items added or go to the item management page, to see more details such as locations, categories, partners who donated the item, starting bid, etc.

This is also where you can feature items.

The add item icon of the silent auction platform.

Want to know everything about organizing an auction?

With our pre-recorded and personalized demos, you'll have all the tools you need to run your most successful auction to date.

Be in full control

As soon as your auction officially begins, the dashboard changes to the performance board.

This allows you to see the progress of your auction at a glance.

You can see:

  • Your progress towards the goal,
  • The number of bids on your items,
  • The last bid on each item,
  • The value of the donations,
  • And much more!
A sample dashboard shows that an organization has raised $15,000, which is 50% of their goal with 3 hours left in the web auction.

Reach your objective

Keep track of your progress with our progress bar which also displays the percentage of your objective achieved in real-time and the bidding portion versus the donation portion.

A goal bar displays the percentage of money that has been raised through donations and winning bids.

Keep an eye on the numbers

See the number of bids, donations, participants, active items and much more! But you don't need to write it down: you will receive a detailed performance report at the end of the auction.

An upward arrow symbolizes an increase in money raised by the organization through its online silent auction.

Countdown to the end

Whether before or during the auction, a countdown at the top of the screen allows you to count the seconds until the auction starts or ends. You can also choose to postpone the end date or close the auction any time.

A countdown shows one hour and thirty-seven minutes remaining in the online auction.

Take action at the right time

Progress charts allow you to manage your marketing actions according to performance.

View the list of items ranked by popularity and performance. Feature strategic items based on your observations.

A few items are selected from the list of items of the online auction, these items will be featured using the crown icons on the left of the list.

Support your leaders

A section of the performance chart displays the top participants. Find out who has won the most items or whose total accepted bids are the highest.

You can also encourage them via our messaging system.

Participants are crowned for placing the highest bid on the online auction items.

Showcase your top partners

Rank them by number of donated items, or by the amount they have helped you raise to date.

Take advantage of this opportunity to offer your most outstanding partners more visibility.

A megaphone symbolizes the visibility of your online silent auction partners.

Praise your donors

Quickly view a list of all participants who have made donations, and rank them by donation value with one click. A great way to find out who your biggest donors are!

A heart is being sent to a participant who made a donation during the web auction.

Talk to a fundraising expert

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Young woman holding an open laptop and preparing to write on her keyboard.

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