Collect money confidently

Raise funds

If you want to, you can add a button for your participants to use to make donations in a few clicks. This button will be well seen on all your auction pages.

It’s also possible to integrate Prodon on-demand to manage online donations. The “donation” button will automatically link to the Prodon donation form so you can receive money directly.

The donation pop-up of the online auction platform is open and displays the options for amounts to donate.

View your billing

The invoice page lets you:

  • See and print an end-of-auction report
  • See how many items participants have won
  • Easily access winner coordinates
  • Print invoices
  • Follow-up with payments
  • And more!
An invoice displays the items won by a participant and the total amount to be paid to the organization.

Print your invoices

At the end of each auction, participant invoices are generated automatically by the platform.

The participants have the option to view their invoices and can print or export them easily.

A printer is printing the invoice of a participant of the virtual auction.

Download your end-of-auction report

Consult and print the end-of-auction report to share results with your team.

The report contains useful data about your auction, including details on all bids, participant coordinates, information about items offered, and much more.

A computer screen displays the end-of-auction report that allows the organization to see a lot of interesting data and tells them exactly how much money they have raised.

Contact the winners

Quickly access the contact information of winners and donors and discover their preferred communication method.

This comes in very handy when it’s time to thank everyone!

A participant form displays the information needed to deliver items.

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Keep up with payments!

Quickly view how and when participants make their payments.

If invoices are outstanding, consult the balance due and the status of invoices. Manually change the status to “paid” if a participant has paid by cheque or cash.

The list of participants shows who have already paid and who to contact for payment.

Offer participants an easy process

At the end of the auction, participants will find the invoices detailing their winning bids and donations in a tab reserved for this.

An invoice ready to be sent to a person who has made a donation on the online auction platform Followmybid.

Send useful reminders

The platform sends reminders by email or SMS indicating to participants if they’ve won an item or donated money.

If you don’t hear back, reach out by email with just one click!

An envelope displays a new message sent to a participant to remind them to make their payment to the organization.

Ensure secure online payments

With our secure system, participants and donors can pay online for the items they’ve won or donations they made.

A padlock over a credit card symbolizing a secure online payment.

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