Manage items and receive donations

Get items more easily than ever

Our platform allows you to offer your partners incomparable visibility!

Create categories according to the level of participation of your partners (you choose the name) and encourage them to offer more items to find themselves at the top of the list!

All partners are eligible to one clickable logo on the partner’s page and on the pages of the item they offered. You can also choose the feature partners, who will appear directly on your auction Home page.

Two hands are shaking in front of the list of the online auction partner categories.

Add, remove, duplicate and modify items

The creation of item pages is simple and effective. You can add up to 5 images and reframe them directly on the platform. All that will be left to do is create detailed descriptions with no character limits!

Do you have several identical or similar items to add? Duplicate one of the items to simplify the task! Then, modify the duplicates individually.

After this, remove or modify items at any time, even during the auction.

The item editing page of our silent auction platform. There, you can write details about the items and translate them to create a bilingual auction.

Create your items

  • Create the items’ pages,
  • Classify them,
  • Establish their starting bid,
  • Associate them with the partners who offered them,
  • And watch the bids roll in!
The add item icon of the silent auction platform.

Add single-bid items

Add single-bid items, who will only need a single bid before being won.

They are particularly useful if you wish to integrate symbolic items into your auction (for example: financing a scholarship).

A winner is crowned next to an example of the item file of our 100% Canadian platform.

Receive donations

Activate the donation module and a “Donate” button will appear on each auction page.

Receive money that will help you reach your financing goals!

A heart enters through the opening of a bank to indicate the receipt of a donation through the silent auction platform.

Want to know everything about organizing an auction?

With our pre-recorded and personalized demos, you'll have all the tools you need to run your most successful auction to date.

Establish the right price

Decide the starting bid and the increment for each individual item.

In a hurry? You can also let our platform calculate all of it automatically according to the market value.

The finance section of the item records of our 100% Canadian platform contains the fields “Value”, “Starting bid” and “Increment”.

Organize your items

Order your items by category and by pick-up place to make the item search easier for your participants.

After, they will be able to use these categories as filters to find items, or they can search by name, last activity, value and more.

The section of our silent auction platform that allows you to manage the categories and locations of items.

Put featured items

Choose items that will appear on the Home page of your auction.

A convincing argument to encourage partners to offer items, but also a useful way to put forward strategic items!

A few items are selected from the list of items of the online auction, these items will be featured using the crown icons on the left of the list.

Make sure your items aren’t forgotten

The Bids and favourite items page gives participants a global view of the items they have chosen to follow or bid on.

A heart icon allows you to save certain items from the online auction to your favourites.

Issue charitable donation receipts

You can choose to display an approximate amount eligible for a charitable donation receipt on each item on the platform. At the end of the auction, you will have to issue the receipts yourself.

A donation receipt issued by an organization that uses our silent auction platform.

Share items on social media

The platform contains useful links that allow you to easily share your content on social media to generate excitement.

Three hands each hold a cell phone open on a different social network to share auction items online.

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