Add your users easily

Invite without counting

The platform has no user limit to allow you to have a maximum number of participants that will bid on your items.

You can also add numerous administrators to help you manage it all.

The page of the online auction platform that allows you to add users and send them automatic invitations.

Import it all at once

With Followmybid, it is easier than ever to invite participants from an email list.

People and an addition symbol representing the addition of several participants at once.

Communicate freely

Notify all participants at the same time or contact small groups. Thanks to our messaging system, they will be able to answer you from their cell phone.

A message bubble sent to users of the online auction platform.

Notify and follow up

Verify the status of your guests and follow up with those not registered through the platform.

An automated message will be sent out to remind them of the imminent start of the auction.

A paper airplane notifies a participant to remind them to register for the online auction.

Want to know everything about organizing an auction?

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Appoint your sidekicks

Name your invaluable collaborators, who will administer the auction just like you.

The administrators can:

  • Manage bids, partners and receipts,
  • Remove or authorize access to the platform and the auction,
  • Modify auction settings,
  • Access the dashboard,
  • And use the messenger.
The add team page displays who the auction administrators and managers are.

Enroll for help

You’re preparing for a big auction night? Add assistants, they will be able to bid for participants who want them to.

The assistants are very useful for in-person and hybrid events: they can bid on the spot for participants who do not have a cell phone.

The dialogue box displayed to the assistants that allows them to bid as another participant.

Mobilize your participants

From their computers, tablets and cell phones, the participants can:

  • Add items to their favourites,
  • Bid on items,
  • And make donations,

Since participants don’t need to go places to bid, participation will be much higher. Therefore, the web format of Followmybid auctions allows you to get up to 25% more profits!

The tracked item page that allows participants to quickly place bids.

Let them create their account

The participants have the freedom to create an account with their Facebook or with their email. With this account, they will have the opportunity to participate in all of Followmybid’s auctions.

The Facebook logo that allows participants to register for the virtual auction through their social accounts.

Watch the bids skyrocket

In a few clicks, they can bid or add items to their favourites and watch them.

The Bids and favourite items page also allows them to access the items they’ve already bid on to bid quickly.

The Favourite Items page that allows participants to track items and quickly bid on them.

Collect donations and payments online

A tab on the platform allows them to check out their receipts and pay online in no time.

An invoice and a heart that symbolize the online payment of donations.

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