Communicate with your participants

Write your own messages

Our integrated messaging system allows instant, uninterrupted communication.

Solidify relationships with your participants by sending them personalized messages directly from the platform.

A virtual auction organizer communicates with a participant through the messaging system.

Talk to the right people

The Followmybid platform allows you to send individual or group communications adapted to your needs.

Send a message to everyone, or search for your recipient:

  • by name
  • by role
  • by group
  • by items they interacted with
The messaging system of the online auction platform displays a search bar that allows users groups to be selected according to the items they have bid on.

Encourage more bidding

The platform sends notifications to participants automatically. When you open a conversation, you can see the automated messages that were sent to each person.

Automated messages:

  • Notify participants they have been outbid and encourage them to bid again
  • Create a friendly competition that will increase bids
  • Allow you to concentrate on other aspects of the auction
An automated message from the virtual auction platform encourages overbidding by saying, “Uh-oh, your bid on item #4 has been beaten! Go check out the new bid!”.

Build strong relationships

Here are a few ways to use the messaging system and follow up attentively:

  • Let everyone know at once when you add items during the auction
  • Answer participant questions
  • Advertise your most popular items
  • Reach out to participants when activity is low
A message sent to all participants of the virtual auction announces, “Thanks to our partner, Le Grand Air, a new item has been added. Item #42: Romantic getaway for 2 in the Charlevoix region. A value of $500, initial bet at $150.”

Let participants choose

Every time they log on to a new auction, participants choose their communication settings. They can be contacted by email, SMS or choose not to be notified.

You’ve got mail! A notification was sent to an online auction participant.

Adapt to their language

Since the Followmybid platform is offered in English and French, participants can choose their preferred language of communication and automated messages will be sent accordingly in the language of their choice.

Notifications display “FR” and “ENG” to represent the languages in which it is possible to communicate with participants.

Exchange both ways

For participants who choose to communicate by SMS, it is possible to answer messages directly to communicate with you.

Two notifications sent to participants are displayed on a cell phone.

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