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Discover how to take maximum advantage of all Followmybid features for unique and memorable fundraisers.

Dashboard and performance

When you first log in, a dashboard welcomes you and guides you through the set-up process. From adding partners to online bidding, creating an online auction is user-friendly and intuitive. Once the steps are completed, the dashboard leads to the performance section.

The performance section allows you to:

  • Follow the progress to your financing objective in real time
  • Review the item list by popularity and performance
  • Manage marketing action based on the current situation
Illustrations of the different panels and data available on the dashboard.

Custom auction settings

Choose your URL, your design colours, the currency used, the available languages, your financing objectives and much more! The adaptive Followmybid platform will take care of the rest.

It is possible to:

  • Create a bilingual auction that participants can view in the language of their choice
  • Hide participant names to imitate a silent auction
  • Modify the auction end date at any time and without restrictions
Illustration of the customizable parameters from A to Z.

Partner visibility

Partner logos are not only published on the auction welcome page, but also appear below the offered items. Participants can also access the page 'Our Partners' where each partner is highlighted.

You may:

  • Identify partners by categories according to their contribution
  • Create links to partner websites with clickable logos
  • Assign multiple partners for each items offered jointly
Illustration of a space to add your organization's and your partners' logos.

Item management

Easily add, remove or modify items. You can even make some items unavailable for bids and then reactivate them in just a few clicks. Concerning prices, decide on the starting bid and increases for each object and let our platform calculate the price automatically.

You may also:

  • Highlight certain items so they appear on the welcome page
  • Create item categories to facilitate the search for participants
  • Reframe images directly in the platform
An illustration of the image cropping tool.

User administration

Add participants from the email list and notify them all at the same time or in small groups. Verify their status and follow up with those who have not signed up yet directly through the platform. Revoke access from delinquent participants and delete bids, if necessary. The number of users is unlimited.

The three types of users:

  • Administrators, who can modify the auction just like you
  • Assistants, who can bid on behalf of the participants who desire they do so
  • Participants, who can place bids and make donations
An administrator sends an invitation to a participant.

Messaging system

Stay in touch! Our messaging system allows you to send text messages to your participants directly through the platform. Participants can then answer with their telephone.

The messaging system gives you the chance to:

  • Send and receive individual or group messages
  • Relax! Oh yes, our system automatically sends a message when a participant is outbid
  • See the messages already sent to each participant
An illustration of a robot is typing a message to a user of the auction platform.

Payments and invoicing

At the end of the auction, your report and participant invoices are generated by the platform. The end-of-auction report contains all the data about your auction as well as a list of winners with their coordinates.

The invoicing page allows you to:

  • Consult and print the end-of-auction report in order to share the results with your team
  • Manually change the status to « paid » if a participant paid by cheque or in cash
  • Easily access participant coordinates
Illustration of the automatically generated documents at the end of the auction.

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