Interactive auctions that are fun for your participants

Discover how your participants will be drawn to the simplicity of Followmybid from the very first time they try it. Whether you're using a tablet, computer or even a cell phone, the platform adapts to the device being used to offer an ergonomic and user-friendly experience.

A participant consults the auction and bids from a tablet and a computer.

Participant accounts

When they first log on, participants are invited to create an account. If this is not their first experience on the platform, they can log on with their existing account. This account will allow them to participate in any Followmybid auction.

With their account, they can:

  • Bid, follow items and make donations
  • Change their personal information with just a few clicks
  • View and pay invoices in a flash
Illustration of the user profile on the Followmybid platform.

Communication settings

When participants log in to a new auction, they can choose their desired communication settings. This allows them to choose various settings depending on the different organizations.

They decide:

  • If they wish to receive notifications for each bid or only administrative messages
  • If they prefer to be contacted by email or text message
  • Their preferred language of communication (French or English)
A cellphone is surfing on an internet auction and receives a notification.

Messaging system

Stay in touch! Our messaging system allows you to send text messages to your participants through the platform. They can then respond right from their cell phone.

The messaging system gives participants the opportunity to:

  • Send and receive messages with their cell phone
  • Enjoy a pleasant experience thanks to our dynamic notifications
  • Benefit from direct interaction with you
A participant receives a new message and a mallet hits the table to signify "awarded".

Bids and followed items

The bids and followed items page allows participants to see an overall view of items they are following or on which they have already placed bids. They can follow their bids closely and place bids quickly right from this list.

Item searches are super easy and participants may:

  • See the total amount of their bids and donations
  • Sort the items they are following by activity, true value, market value, most wanted and much more
  • Find a item by name with the search bar
Illustration of the clickable heart to bookmark an item.

Sharing items on Facebook

Each item page has a button for sharing via Facebook. You and your participants can use it to promote your auction one item at a time!

You may also use it to:

  • Ask partners to share the items they sponsored
  • Encourage public figures to share items with which they are associated (such as concert tickets)
  • Suggest that participants share items to their Facebook page to encourage your cause
Illustration of the Facebook logo.

Make donations

If you wish, you may add a button to allow participants to make a donation with just a few clicks. This button will be clearly visible on all auction pages.

Participants will have the choice of paying:

  • Immediately
  • At the end of the auction
  • With Stripe, Prodon or making another arrangement with you
An illustration shows a cursor moving towards the donation button.

Invoicing and payments

At the end of the auction, invoices are generated automatically by the platform and sent automatically to participants.

Invoicing functions allow them to:

  • Receive an email or SMS reminder if they won a prize or made a donation
  • View and print the invoice for their records
  • Pay quickly online
Illustration of the automatically generated invoice at the end of the auction with the mention "paid".

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