Personalized Service

Your Own Online Auction Reflecting Your Brand

The digital and interactive auction platform Followmybid can be customized to reflect the image of your organization/event/cause :

  • Choice of interface colour
  • Addition of your logo to the platform
  • Display of major partners on the platform

As well, you can choose certain settings :

  • Options for closing auction (abrupt final ending, or bidding as long as there are bids every x minutes, or another method to be defined as required)
  • Option of having tax receipts (which formula needed for the calculation?)

Followmybid - Service
Followmybid - Service

Optional Services

We provide, according to your needs, certain optional services :

  • Installation and configuration of Wifi stations
  • An on-site technician throughout the evening to ensure the auction runs smoothly
  • Hostesses on site
  • Option of user browsing statistics

Let us explore your needs and guide you in choosing the package that will be the most beneficial to you.

Our Team Is with You All the Way


Working with you, we structure the auction. You prepare the content for the auction, and we integrate it into the platform (list of items up for auction, description of items, photos of items, list of participants to register for the auction, logo and colours of your organization, logos of your partners, etc.)


We ensure that each participant receives a code and password to bid on items. We provide remote technical support (or on site if you select this option). We can also do a presentation of the platform for guests before the auction begins. We also rent tablets, if needed.


With Followmybid, you can simply and easily manage the delivery of winning items (printing of tax receipts, issuing bills, preparing usage reports, reports for funds collected, optional reports, promotion for next reservation, etc.). Once again, we will support you during this step.

Followmybid - Service

Successful events :

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