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How Followmybid Works

There are three different roles in the application, and the functionalities can be divided based on these roles. To manage the application, an administrator has to be able to then create hostess and bidder accounts for the event.

Followmybid - Infos Pratiques

The Role of the Administrator

The application administrator is first and foremost in charge of product inventory. He must enter each product into the application, specifying details about its starting price, market value, etc. He can also associate partners with the product to indicate who partner provided it. Via the administration section, he also sees all the bids and can cancel them if there are mistakes.

The administrator also manages partners and sponsors. He must create them in the system and associate them with a sponsorship level (Platinum, Gold,
Silver or Bronze).

The user accounts are also created and managed by the application administrator. He is responsible for account creation and management and at any time can deactivate an account should a problem arise. He may also access forgotten information, such as the user name or password.

Via the administrator interface, it is also possible to manage the different auction parameters, such as start date and time, and end data and time, which automatically update the different counts in the application. He can also display information on the newswire.

The Role of the Bidder

A bidder is a guest at the event who wishes to bid on products. He must have an active account and connect to the application. He then has access to a complete list of products and current bids. By viewing the details of a product, he can place a bid and instantly see his bid added to the history. The previous bidder then receives a message informing him that he was beat out and can bid again. Moreover, he also has access to the list of items on which he has bid and to his favourite batches, which he can manage.

The Hostess Role

The role of hostess is useful when certain guests do not have or do not want to use a smart phone. The hostess will then open the application on her tablet or smart phone and can bid in the name of any buyer.

Followmybid - Infos Pratiques
Followmybid - Infos Pratiques

Preparing for Your
Interactive Auction

Below is a non-exhaustive list of things to take into account for your interactive auction to run smoothly:

  • Preparing the content needed to customize the application (list of items up for bid, description of items, photos of items, list of participants in the auction with their contact information, logo and colours of your organization, logo of your partners, etc.)
  • Sending invitations to participate in the auction, including a description of how it works and certain specific guidelines
    (e.g., remember to charge your telephone!”)
  • Securing a mandatory Internet connection (3G, Wifi?)
  • Organizing batches
  • Mobilizing personnel, if required
  • Gathering the require materials
  • Presenting the workings of the benefit activity
  • Issuing bills, printing tax receipts
  • Preparing a practical mini- "how-to" guide for users

Successful events :

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