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A story of passion

Once upon a time, there was a team that wanted to do more. They had their hearts in the right place, a passion for digital, and unmatched dedication. This beautiful team wanted to support local charitable organizations but was beginning to feel that donations weren't enough.

Their desire: to get personally involved. Their goal: to help organizations contribute to the well-being of society. Their solution: digital philanthropy facilitation!

So the team began to create a system that would give small organizations the potential of large ones. They collaborated to create a fun, simple, and accessible tool. Thus, the first version of Followmybid was created in 2012.

Improvements to the platform have followed over the years to make it even more user-friendly and powerful. Now at the third version of the platform, a complete multidisciplinary team is dedicated to improve the platform and maximize your experience. Another of our ultimate goals is to find a balance between excellent customer service and user autonomy.

A light bulb icon that lights up represents the formation of the idea of the Followmybid platform.

Successful fundraisers

Online auction for Opération Enfant Soleil

Opération Enfant Soleil has already earned its grand reputation. This non-profit organization has been working since 1988 for the development of the best pediatric services offered in Quebec.

The organization was accustomed to silent and traditional shout-out auctions, but the context of the sanitary crisis pushed the team to find new ways of holding fundraisers. The independence offered by Followmybid was very important in the organization of this auction under a tight deadline.

The event, nicknamed Encan Soleil, was held 100% online and offered physical prizes as well as tickets to virtual shows. The most popular items? Trips across Quebec.

104 %
$31 170
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Christmas Market for employees of the Centraide du Grand Montréal

The mission of Centraide is to fight against poverty and social exclusion. The organization works on the ground to build more inclusive communities where all can enjoy the best possible living conditions.

This year, the Centraide du Grand Montréal team decided to create an internal virtual Christmas Market auction with proceeds to benefit the community. The various items were offered by team members. There was, for example, vintage wood furniture, two nights at an ecological cottage, and one person even volunteered to paint a room of your home!

The feedback was unanimous: everyone loved the simplicity of using the platform. The final auction report that was generated automatically was greatly appreciated by the organizers as this allowed them to easily share the results with the administration.

217 %
$2 170
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A heartfelt gesture takes flight

The Collège des Hauts Sommets Foundation comes to the aid of young students by offering them supervision, support, financial aid and more. Their key mission is to give back hope as well as helping students gain self-esteem by developing their full potential.

Their benefit auction « Un élan du cœur qui donne des ailes », was held for Valentine's Day and allowed them to put old habits aside and reach new donors with the help of their partners. Various items at different price points were offered in order to reach a diverse clientele thus giving everyone the chance to participate. In spite of being a 100% virtual event, the organizers were able to preserve a personal aspect by delivering the items themselves and thanking the generous donors in a different way than the traditional letter of thanks.

231 %
$6 935
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Virtual auction to benefit the Centre de pédiatrie sociale de Lévis

The Centre de pédiatrie sociale de Lévis (CPSL) supports children from vulnerable backgrounds to promote their optimal development and overall health. In order to pursue its mission, the organization must be proactive in its search for funding. The CPSL had already held a few traditional paper-and-pencil auctions during fundraising evenings, in addition to several other varied fundraising activities.

The people in charge of fundraising were quickly able to measure the added value of holding an auction, especially since they could reach a much larger and more diversified public by using this type of auction. The use of the Followmybid platform allowed the CPSL to give better visibility to their partners and be recognized on a larger scale.

During the fundraising evenings where a traditional paper auction was held, participants had to go and see if their bids had been beaten. The organization noticed that there was little interest and little bidding. With the Followmybid virtual auction, automated text messages combined with the possibility of seeing the name of the person who placed a bid on an item helped create a spirit of friendly competition that was very beneficial for the organization!

115 %
$11 520
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