An online auction platform that helps you contribute to the collective well-being

Boost your social engagement by organizing engaging activities to raise funds or make your circular economy easier.

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A new fundraising activity that raises the bar

We provide a digital space for you to initiate change, boost impact, and take your fundraising to the next level. With the Followmybid platform, experience social participation differently.
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Financial benefits

An easy-to-use platform that can help you save time and money while making the most of your budget.

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High performance and intuitive

Automated features and an intuitive dashboard that enables real-time monitoring.

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Infinite possibilities

No limits for total amounts raised in order to maximize event success and increase revenues.

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Flexible and adaptive

A fun and engaging activity that is simple to adopt as a complementary activity to any event.

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Social responsibility & collective well-being is everyone’s business

Creating a growing culture of community engagement is within your reach! Express your values and enhance your online fundraising with our customizable and innovative digital auction platform. Discover a new way to support your philanthropic ambitions.
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Mobilize your community! Partner with businesses that share your mission, or work on organizing interactive fundraisers that are easy to launch.

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Get active in your community and use it as a great way to stand out! Discover the benefits of CSR and become a superstar partner in philanthropy.

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An interactive auction platform in full swing

Easy and intuitive auction creation

Promote your mission and organize fundraising events that will make a difference. Discover how to make the most of Followmybid’s key features and use our integrated tools to create a unique and memorable activity.
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Personalize auction settings

An adaptive platform that offers various configuration settings to suit your needs. Customize your profile with your logo and organizational colours to promote your brand image.

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Manage items and collect donations

Access resources such as a catalogue of item ideas to get inspired and a step-by-step guide to help you create partner pages and item sheets. Also, find out how participants can place bids or mark items as favourites.

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Add users

There is no limit to the number of participants you can invite to take part in your auction. The platform also includes several roles for auction management, allowing you to delegate tasks to others. Each role has specific access and permissions to suit all your needs.

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Interactive virtual environment

Organize an engaging and fun activity that will create a positive impact. Our platform enables you to design dynamic events that reflect your brand and help you to achieve your goals.
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Monitor your progress in real-time

Our intuitive dashboard makes it easy to keep track of current auction data. It enables you to see the participation rate and competitive spirit among bidders and identify the most popular items. You can always monitor auction metrics in real-time.

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Communicate with participants

Our instant messaging system lets you contact participants, answer their questions, and send automated messages and reminders. Accessible on any mobile device, the live chat software can also be used by participants during the auction to create a more exciting experience!

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Collect money easily

Master the art of managing receipts and payments with the streamlined end-of-auction process. You can easily access the Auction Performance Report and the winners’ contact information at the end of every auction. We offer an integrated online payment solution with Stripe to receive payments and donations. You can also use your own payment method if you already have one.

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Inspiring success stories

Discover the success stories of non-profits, businesses, and individuals engaged in their communities. Learn how they supported causes that were important to them. Great examples of social involvement and fundraising events await!

Doing good. Together.

At Followmybid, our purpose comes from a vision in which social engagement becomes everybody’s priority through a growing movement of sustainable social engagement with communities.

Our goal is to offer a virtual environment that makes fundraising easy. We aim to increase social participation and create space for unified and engaged communities.

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Resources that will take your fundraising to the next level

A collection of resources is available to transform your experience with social engagement. Discover useful content and best practices that will help you shine, stay on top of philanthropic news and trends, learn about the improvements we’re making to our platform, and read inspiring stories from the organizations and people who have trusted us with their projects.

What our clients are saying

Get inspired by stories from real people who have already tried the Followmybid experience. Take it from them: there is no better feeling than knowing you helped others reach their goals and supported their projects.
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