Organizing school auctions 101

September 05 2023
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The back-to-school season is fast approaching and with it the euphoria of returning to the classroom for children and parents alike! Like many other organizations, schools are also seeking creative ways to meet the significant needs they face that may sometimes require fundraising or financing campaigns. The positive side of this issue is that schools are also a great place to organize unique auctions while bringing children and parents together for a good cause.

With the Followmybid online auction platform, organizing such events is child's play! Let's look at how you can use Followmybid for all your school fundraising campaigns.

What can be financed with a school fundraiser?

There are many different reasons to organize a school fundraiser, regardless of the type of establishment or the organizational structure of the event. There are plenty of things to raise money for in education! Here are just a few examples of projects that organizing a fundraiser can help with:

  • Purchase of books or textbooks to fill classroom libraries
  • Purchase of new equipment or material for teachers and children
  • Support initiatives to refurbish or modernize classrooms and other spaces
  • Give students access to field trips, class trips, and even athletic activities
  • Finance educational programs, student scholarships, school dorms, or even tutoring sessions

A few school fundraising event ideas

While there are many reasons for organizing school fundraising campaigns, there are just as many opportunities for events that can be organized online, in person, or as hybrid auctions in schools. When we think of childhood memories, various festivities probably come to mind. Take a trip down memory lane in remembering typical events throughout the school year:

  • Fair games, lots of laughter, and carnivals are often synonymous with end-of-school-year activities and offer ideal occasions to organize an auction.
  • Why not end the science fair with an auction following a science and discovery theme? It's an idea among many to explore.
  • Concerts or shows for young people are also excellent fun gatherings for dynamic activities such as an auction.
  • Graduations or other milestones are excellent opportunities to offer an auction with items gathered for the occasion.
  • Athletic events or inter-school tournaments are also perfect occasions to host an auction. The spirit of competition is already in the air!
  • A garage sale on school property can also take the form of an auction.

All kinds of item inspiration

Items are a crucial part of every auction. But not just any items! Items that will motivate your participants to bid higher and get people working together for a good cause. School auctions are no exception to the rule. If you're free to let your imagination run wild, here are a few ideas for items that would be particularly well-suited to a school fundraiser:

  • Why look any further when sometimes items are right there in front of you? Why not ask children and parents to donate toys or books they no longer use to give them a second life?
  • Along these same lines, schools can also take advantage of this fundraising campaign to liquidate old equipment such as computers, sporting equipment, outdoor games, etc.
  • There's nothing better than hand-crafted items. By auctioning off arts or crafts created by young people, you combine a unique item with a great way of rewarding creativity.
  • Always a fundraising classic, food goods such as cakes, desserts, and other items are always a hit! These are sure to find takers.
  • Don't hesitate to ask parents for items from their workplace. Finding partners to solicit is also an excellent way to offer exceptional items in your auction.
  • Remember to have fun, too. By offering vouchers for fun outings (such as laser tag, mini golf, etc.), your auction is likely to attract the attention of adults and students alike.
  • These are classics, but always a hit: gift cards, gourmet food baskets, beers, or bottles of wine.

How do you promote your event?

Whether you hold your auction online, in person, or as a hybrid event, they have one thing in common. You'll need effective communication and a clear advertising strategy to attract as many participants as possible to make your fundraising campaign a true success. Take advantage of all the communication channels at your disposal. In addition to external media (such as advertising in the local newspapers, creating posters, promoting your event on social media, etc.), you'll also need to take advantage of internal school communication channels. Using school communications such as school boards, school websites or email lists reduces the risk of parents and other potential participants missing out on your auction. From word-of-mouth to emailing parents to creating a newsletter, there are many ways to attract participants to your school fundraising event.

In conclusion

As you can see, there are plenty of opportunities and reasons for schools to organize fundraising activities such as an auction! Whether you're a staff member or a parent, if you're convinced that your fundraising campaign could benefit from our expertise, get in touch with the Followmybid team, who will happily answer all your questions. This article piqued your curiosity? Request a demonstration today!

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