Auction management: Create and add new auction items

May 03 2023
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What’s an item?

An item is an activity or object donated for an auction. Participants can bid on items; the highest bidder gets the item when the auction closes. At the end of the auction, the initiative, project, or cause receives the money raised from selling items donated by partners. Participants can keep an eye on their bids in real-time throughout the auction. They can also receive email or SMS notifications about their bids until the last second of the event. Bidders must stay alert; another participant could grab the coveted item!

How to solicit item donations

Before launching their digital auction, NPOs, businesses, or individuals must solicit item donations. To do so, auction managers or their teams can start by asking their family, friends, employees, coworkers, and other contacts. Once they contact their network, they can solicit retailers, businesses, and restaurant owners.

Manage and add items in 3 steps

Step 1: Organizing or participating in an auction

Organize an auction

The first step is to create an auction. Go to our website or contact our team to learn more about organizing your first digital auction.

Become a partner

Do you want to get involved, but organizing your auction is not your ideal solution? Collaborate with an NPO, business, or individual by donating an item to their ongoing auction. Contact an affiliated NPO and donate an item for their auction.

Step 2: Finding the best items to include in your online auction

Get ready to be inspired! Items available at your auction will have a crucial impact on your overall event results. Therefore, Followmybid compiled a list of the most-inspiring item ideas for your online auction that will pique your participants' interest.

Step 3: Send an item donation form

For auction managers

  • Download the Followmybid item donation form. Reading this form in advance will familiarize you with the information required to list an item for sale during your auction.
  • Send an email to potential partners to solicit them.

Use this email template to contact people interested in donating items.

Email Template

Subject line:We're soliciting item donations for our online auction + [Project name]

Dear [First and last name/Business name],

Introduce yourself, your NPO, or your business.

Our [foundation, business, or organization] supports/specializes in [brief description].

Next, describe your project, mission, and auction objectives.

On [day of week] [date], we are holding an auction to raise funds to support [your mission]. During this event, we aim to raise [goal amount].

Name why you call upon this business, organization, or individual’s help here. You can also list what’s in it for them, give them ideas on donating items, and the benefits of collaborating with you on this project.

We would be honoured if you agreed to donate an item for our online auction, such as [insert item, activity or service]. By providing an item, you will become a key player in the success of our event. It will also allow you to actively support a cause, help the well-being of your community, and promote your employer brand.

Finally, indicate that you can provide more details in person, by email, or by phone. Remember to include the date you would like to receive a response.

Attached you can find the item donation form. [I’m/We're] available to answer any questions you have about [my/our] online auction.

Best regards,

[Your first and last name]

[Your contact information or email signature]


For partners

  • Download Followmybid's item donation form.
  • Take a picture of your item if it is already in your possession. If the item is an activity or service, we recommend you take a picture yourself or use a royalty-free image found on an image bank such as Pixabay, Unsplash, or Pexel, to name a few. You can include up to five photos per item.
  • With your message, attach a photo of yourself or your team to add to your partner’s profile. You can also send your logo.
  • Fill out the form.
  • Send your email to the person in charge of the auction.

It is possible to submit multiple items for the same auction. Fill out one form per item offered. You can then send your forms and photos in a single email.

Use this email template to contact the auction manager.

Email Template

Subject line:[I/We] want to donate [an item/items] for your auction + [Project name]

Dear [First and last name/NPO name/Business name],

Introduce yourself, your NPO, or your business.

Regarding your item donation request, [I/we] would happily donate [list your item·s] for your auction.

[I am/We are] sending you the item donation form, a photo for [my/our] partner profile and [number of photos] photo·s of the item·s as attachments.

Please feel free to contact me via email if you have any questions.

Best regards,

[Your first and last name]

[Your contact information or email signature]


How to manage item donation forms?

To create partner profiles and item pages, you must:

  • Access the Followmybid platform.
  • Create the partner's profile using the information provided in the form·s.
  • Create the item's page using the information provided in the form·s.
  • Associate the partner with the item.

The main goal of an auction is to raise funds. Thus it is crucial to pique people’s interest with great items. Make your life easier and your auction planning process more prepared with the proper form to create and add new auction items.

Download the form

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