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No set-up costs
8%* /per transaction
For winning bidders and donors when paying their bills at the end of the auction
*There is also a fixed fee of $0.30 per transaction. The cost per transaction may occasionally vary depending on the participant’s credit card or the type of organization receiving the funds.

All our auctions include :

  • Real-time management of bids and donations
  • Automated invoice generation
  • Stripe payment processor integrated into the platform to facilitate invoice payment for participants
  • Functionality enabling participants to assume transaction costs
  • Ability to require a credit card from participants before the first bid to avoid unpleasant surprises

Features you will love

Followmybid is a sure value for organizing simple, profitable, fun, and engaging activities.
Flat design of a purple and lime green clock
Auction duration of your choice
Flat design of purple and lime green chat bubbles
Access to our integrated messaging system
Flat designs of a purple phone and a lime green speech bubble
Technical support as needed
Purple and lime green icons of people
Unlimited number of items, participants, and partners
Flat design of a purple and lime green projector screen
Giant screen interface for in-person events
Flat design of a lime green piggy bank
Possibility of adding a module to collect donations
Tailored launch
For all organizations that anticipate raising large sums of money, wish to hold multiple auctions, or already have their payment method.
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Yes. You can change your pricing option anytime before the auction start date.

Followmybid’s platform fees include a per-transaction fee and a platform service fee. These fees are necessary to keep the platform running smoothly and to cover administrative and online payment processing costs with Stripe.

If a Stripe account has not been set up yet:

The auction administrator will receive an invoice by email to pay the service fees after the auction closes.

If a Stripe account has been set up:

Once the auction closes, the service fees will be calculated and deducted automatically from the total amount of the successful bidders’ and donors’ invoices.

Yes. Set up a Stripe account when creating the auction. In addition to facilitating automated payment management by depositing funds directly into the organization’s bank account, setting up a Stripe account offers an optimal transaction solution. Once the auction closes, invoices are automatically generated and sent to the successful bidders and donors, who can pay online with their credit card via Stripe.

Once the auction closes, successful bidders and donors will receive an invoice by email.

We use an automated payment system to send invoices automatically after the auction closes. Successful bidders and donors can pay their invoices online securely with Stripe using their credit card.

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