An online auction platform to mobilize your partners and support your community

Reverse the cycle of philanthropy by inviting your partners to get started and organize fundraisers for your non-profit organization. Or create fun, interactive, and easy-to-organize auctions yourself.
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Empower your non-profit to raise more with less effort


Simple and easy to use

Get ready to create a unique, stress-free fundraising event in minutes.

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Engage participants with a user-friendly platform accessible on any mobile device.

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Increased productivity

Stay focused on doing what you do best. Our comprehensive platform helps you save time and hassle.

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Fun while raising funds

Offer participants the best possible experience with fun and engaging fundraising events.

Create the perfect online charity event

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Set up your auction

Create and manage your activity. Personalize your auction’s visual elements to align with your non-profit’s brand image.

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Add your auction items

Diversify the offer to reach more people. Offer a variety of items that will catch the participants’ eye and bring in big bids.

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Invite participants

Spread the word! You can invite as many people as you want to attend your fundraising event.

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Skip to the fun part

Launch your charity auction and get ready to raise more money for your mission with an engaging fundraiser.

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An online auction platform to drive growth and support your mission

Join forces with a local business
Start raising funds online
Join forces with a local business

Focus on your mission, and let your partners do the rest

Ensure that your non-profit thrives and adapts in an ever-changing market. Transform the culture of social engagement by partnering with organizations that share your mission. Reach out to them and request help in organizing a fundraising activity by joining forces for your cause.

Many companies are willing to act as allies with non-profits to improve the quality of life in their communities. By partnering together, you can reach more supporters.

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Why is corporate social responsibility so important?

CSR strategy

CSR strategy

Enable organizations to be socially accountable to their employees, stakeholders, and the local community. This also helps build a solid brand reputation.

Corporate culture and team building

Corporate culture and team building

Help organizations attract and retain top talent by providing a positive, inclusive workplace and encouraging active participation in the community.

Give back to the community

Give back to the community

Play a positive role in supporting worthy causes. Organizing a charity event is a unique opportunity to reach out and help the community.

Start raising funds online

Organize an impactful fundraising event

Get all the tools you need to create high-performance, stress-free online fundraising events from start to finish. Jumpstart your initiatives and inspire action to build collective impact.
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Gain new perspectives on what’s next for your NPO

Diversify revenue streams

Diversify revenue streams

Allow your non-profit to diversify its fundraising portfolio by creating a space to collect donations online or by organizing engaging online charity events.

Reach a larger audience

Reach a larger audience

Opt for flexibility and reach the greatest number of participants with on-site, hybrid, or virtual events. An online auction is also simple to add as a complementary activity to any event.

Boost supporter retention and participation rates

Boost supporter retention and participation rates

Unite your community and expand your network. Offering the best possible social engagement experience will allow you to encourage participants to give or participate again.

of Canadians seek to work for an organization with a robust CSR program.
Randstad 2018 survey
of job seekers are looking for organizations that support charitable and philanthropic initiatives.
Randstad 2018 survey
of organizations have a CSR policy in place to comply with Canadian government guidelines in adopting responsible practices.
Capterra 2021 survey
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Leverage networking strength to grow your non-profit

Do you find it challenging to find like-minded sponsors and donors? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Followmybid provides a host of resources to help you reach out to new prospects and turn them into loyal supporters.
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    Learn how non-profits use our platform to achieve their goals

    In addition to providing a digital auction and donation platform, we help you set out on a new growth path to take your NPO to the next level. See how non-profit organizations like yours successfully carried out their fundraising initiatives.

    Stay ahead of the game with resources and tools

    Are you ready to get started with your online auction? We've got your back. Get the resources and tools you need to create a successful online charity event and multiply income streams to support your cause.

    Create lasting social impact

    Join other innovative ambassadors of change and offer more ways for businesses and engaged citizens to support your cause.

    Affordable, stress-free fundraising solutions are just a click away!

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