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Organize motivating fundraising activities to promote your corporate social responsibility, encourage team building, boost employee loyalty, and enhance your brand image.
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A simple way to transform your social impact

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Simple and easy to use

Get ready to create a unique, stress-free fundraising event in minutes.

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Engage participants with a user-friendly platform that’s accessible on any mobile device.

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Boost your productivity

Stay focused on doing what you do best. Our comprehensive platform helps you save time and hassle.

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Have fun while raising money

Give participants the best possible experience with fun and engaging fundraising events.

Dive in and boost your social participation

Create an online fundraising activity
Partner up with an NPO
Create an online fundraising activity

Organize a charity activity to promote team cohesion

Is your organization known for its strong desire to contribute to the collective well-being? Embody your values and show your desire to take action. Create a space of engagement and participation by mobilizing your teams toward a common goal. An online charity auction is a unique way to engage your employees in a fundraising or team building activity.
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Improve community dynamics in the workplace

Team building activity

Team building activity

Mutual aid, compassion, and team spirit increase efficiency and improve working conditions for your employees. These fundamental elements help create a great working environment. Offering fun team building activities also helps to strengthen team dynamics and cohesion.

Employee engagement

Employee engagement

Cultivate a sense of belonging among employees by listening to their needs. Considering what interests them and what’s important to them is a game changer in the workplace. It demonstrates care through initiatives and increases employee satisfaction and retention rates.

Social participation

Social participation

Meet team expectations by learning more about their charitable involvement and community aspirations. It reinforces your position as a responsible employer and enables you to give back to your community through tangible actions.

Partner up with an NPO

Create an engaged business ecosystem to inspire and motivate

More than ever, the importance of corporate social responsibility (CSR) continues to grow. Implementing community-benefiting practices is not a “nice to have” anymore. It is an essential component of organizational success in today’s market.

Improving your social impact requires collaboration and building strong relationships among your business, a non-profit organization, and your partners. Including online fundraising auctions in your CSR strategy allows you to help your community while mobilizing your teams and partners.

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Why does corporate social responsibility matter?

Brand notoriety

Brand notoriety

Stand out as a responsible business to keep up with market trends and meet stakeholder and consumer expectations. It also helps strengthen your business reputation and brand positioning.

Keep ahead of the competition

Keep ahead of the competition

Build business relationships by collaborating with non-profit organizations and partners that share your values. This kind of partnership contributes to creating a competitive advantage, and implementing tangible actions in your strategy is the first step toward sustainability.

Responsible business practices

Responsible business practices

Create shared value at the heart of your organization by implementing responsible practices that contribute to the collective well-being and play a positive role in the community.

of non-profit organizations need help to meet current demands.
CanadaHelps 2023 survey
of Canadian consumers expect businesses to address and solve sustainability issues.
EY 2021 survey
of corporations have a CSR policy to comply with the Canadian government’s encouragement to adopt responsible practices.
Capterra 2021 survey
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Leverage our expertise to grow as good corporate citizens

Do you need help to include enjoyable fundraising activities in your corporate social responsibility strategy? No worries! We’ve got you covered. Followmybid offers various resources and recommendations to set concrete actions to support your philanthropic ambitions.
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    In addition to providing a digital platform for donations and online auctions, we help businesses grow their social engagement strategy. Discover how companies like yours succeed in fundraising objectives and charitable events.

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    Are you ready to start your digital auction? Let us help you. Get the tools and resources to create a successful online charity event and help a non-profit organization multiply its revenue streams to better support the mission.

    Create lasting social impact

    Join other innovative agents for change and provide more ways for businesses and engaged citizens to support your cause.

    Affordable, stress-free fundraising solutions are just a click away!

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