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General information

What is an online auction platform?

An online auction platform is a web application that allows you to create your own online auction. From the participants' perspective, the platform allows you to create an account, place bids and win items from a cell phone or laptop computer.

A Followmybid online auction is, therefore an auction where the registration, bids, and payments are made through a personalized website.

In what languages is the platform available?

Followmybid offers all services in English and French.

You may choose to hold the auction in just one language or to make it bilingual so participants may view it in the language of their choice.

Who developed Followmybid?

Followmybid was developed by Nmédia, who built the architecture and application structure based on their experience and knowledge of the web sector.

Nmédia has been guiding clients in achieving their web, mobile, and software projects for the past 20 years. Today, the company boasts more than 750 project accomplishments and a team of nearly 100 professionals, gathering specialists in all specialties relating to web, mobile, and software development.

The company has evolved to the rhythm of innovation while driven by the values of creativity, discipline, collaboration, responsibility, and fun. Though the past few years have been synonymous with growth, Nmédia has succeeded in preserving the fundamental culture of the business, namely the high value it places on human capital and skills.

Today, a complete multidisciplinary team is designated to Followmybid. More than 20 professionals from varied fields of expertise are working hard to improve the platform and maximize your user experience.

To learn more about this terrific team, please visit the website of Nmédia, our digital ally.

What is the average length of an online auction?

We suggest holding 2-week auctions. However, you are free to decide the optimal timeframe for your event.

The closing of a classic auction designates the moment when the last bid placed on an item transforms into the winning bid, but we also offer the possibility to create a soft closure.

The soft closing allows the auction to be extended 1 minute after each bid, allowing participants the opportunity to continue bidding on a coveted item until no one else bids. This feature also prevents participants from only bidding at the last second to obtain the item.

Should I expect changes to be made to the platform?

Yes, it's possible. Followmybid is a platform that constantly evolves. We add, modify, and improve features as we judge necessary, and we are reactive to our clients' needs. If you have a Followmybid account, we will communicate with you via email to inform you of any changes made to the platform.

Is it easy for participants to make the transition from a traditional silent auction to an interactive digital one?

Yes. Our application is very simple to use. Guests need to follow the instructions sent to them by email or telephone to create their accounts. However, we recommend naming someone who can respond to participants' questions as they arise.

In addition, if you are holding a physical event to accompany the online auction, having assistants present may help reassure those who are resistant to change, those who may have a problem with their cell phone or those who would like someone to follow up on an item for them. It is also possible to give assistants the ability to bid in the name of participants who wish to do so, simply by giving them the “assistant” access.

What should I do if one of my participants doesn't have a cell phone?

The possibility of someone not having a cell phone must be anticipated prior to the auction. Various options are available to you, depending on the chosen format.

If you create an auction 100% online, know that the platform is accessible via the Internet from any device, such as a computer or tablet. If a participant does not supply a telephone number, communications will be sent by email.

If an in-person event accompanies your auction, the participant who does not have a phone could use a tablet for such a case or ask an assistant to bid in their place. If not, we strongly suggest having at least one on-site coordinator to administer the platform, as this person can also be authorized to bid on someone's behalf. In all cases, it's important to think about this question before the auction is held.


Does Followmybid take a percentage of revenues generated by the auction?

No. All the money collected goes directly to your organization.

However, if you choose to use the Stripe's payment platform, they may impose service fees.

How can participants pay for their items and donations?

We use Stripe's payment platform. When the auction is finished, invoices are generated and sent automatically to the winners and donors. They may also pay by credit card on the platform directly.

You may also collect payments independently if you prefer not to use Stripe.


What is included in the price?

All our packages include the following:

  • Access to the platform
  • An auction of the duration of your choice
  • An unlimited number of items, participants, and partners
  • A giant screen interface for in-person events
  • And technical support as long as you need it!

Is it possible to have an annual subscription?

Not at the moment.

However, we have a dedicated team that is constantly improving the platform and user experience. So, stay tuned to what is coming next!

How do I get access to the platform?

We are honoured that you asked this question! To get your own access, contact us.

How can I proceed to payment for your services?

You will be able to pay online during your registration process.

Technical assistance

Is the platform adapted to all operating systems?

Yes. You can access Followmybid from a computer, tablet or cell phone, regardless of whether you use iOS, Android, Microsoft, or another OS.

Can I get a demonstration?

Are you still hesitating? Contact us for a demo and discover how the platform works before making a decision.

What is included under technical assistance?

Find answers to all your questions in our Help Center or get support from our team if you have technical questions along the way.

Auction set-up

Is there a limited number of items or participants?

No. The possibilities are ENDLESS. You can add as many items as you want and invite as many participants as you so desire.

As the organizer, what are my responsibilities?

Our platform takes on a large part of the work associated with organizing an online auction, but unfortunately, it cannot do everything! So, you must:

  • Solicit items and partners
  • Import images and item descriptions
  • Import your participant base and send invitations
  • Set up the platform to meet your needs
  • Manage payments

The good news is we have all the tools needed, so your work remains as fun and easy as possible!

In what ways can the platform be customized?

You can add your logo, change the platform to your colours, import images, and more.

Do I need to contact technical assistance every time I want to modify my auction?

No! Absolutely everything can be modified completely autonomously at all times.

Will my auction be online while I prepare the configuration?

No. Your auction will not be online until you publish it.

Can I change items once they are created?

Yes. You can change, remove or add items all throughout your auction.

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