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General information

An online auction platform is a web application that allows you to create your own online auction. From a participant's perspective, the platform allows you to create an account, place bids, and win items from a cell phone or laptop computer.

A Followmybid online auction is an auction where registration, bids, and payments are all made through a personalized website.

Followmybid offers all services in English and French.

You may choose to hold the auction in just one language or to make it bilingual so participants may view it in the language of their choice.

Followmybid was developed by Nmédia, who built the architecture and application structure based on their experience and knowledge in web development.

For the past 20 years, Nmédia has been guiding clients in achieving web, mobile, and software projects. Today, the company boasts over 750 successful projects and a team of nearly 100 professionals, gathering specialists in all web, mobile, and software development industries.

The company has evolved to the beat of innovation and is driven by the values of creativity, discipline, collaboration, responsibility, and fun. Though the past few years have been synonymous with growth, Nmédia has succeeded in preserving its fundamental business culture, namely the high value it places on human capital and skills.

Today, a complete multidisciplinary team is designated to Followmybid. More than 20 professionals from varied fields of expertise continue to work hard to improve the platform and maximize your user experience.

To learn more about this terrific team, please visit the Nmédia, our digital ally website.

We suggest holding two-week auctions. However, you are free to choose the optimal timeframe for your event.

A classic auction closes the moment when the final bid for an item becomes the winning bid, but we also offer the possibility of creating a soft auction closure.

Soft closing allows the auction to be extended 1 minute after each bid, allowing participants to continue bidding on a coveted item until no one else bids. This feature also prevents participants from only bidding at the last second to obtain the item.

Yes. View active public auctions here.

Yes, it’s possible. Followmybid is a platform in constant evolution. We add, modify, and improve features as we judge necessary, and are reactive to client needs. If you have a Followmybid account, we will communicate with you via email to inform you of any changes made to the platform.

Yes. Our application is very simple to use. Guests need only to follow the instructions sent by email or SMS to create their accounts. However, we recommend naming someone who can respond to participant questions as they arise.

In addition, if you are holding an in-person event to accompany the online auction, having assistants present may help reassure less tech-savvy people, those who may have a problem with their cell phone, or individuals who would like someone to follow up on an item for them. Assistants may also bid on behalf of participants who wish simply by giving them “assistant” access.

It is always good to anticipate the possibility of someone not having a cell phone before the auction. Various options are available to you, depending on the chosen format.

If you create an auction that is 100% online, know that the platform is accessible via the Internet from any device, such as a computer or tablet. If a participant does not supply a telephone number, communications will be sent by email.

If an in-person event accompanies your auction, the participant who does not have a cell phone could use a tablet in such a case or ask an assistant to bid in their place. We suggest having at least one on-site coordinator to administer the platform, as this person can also be authorized to bid on behalf of a participant. In any case, it’s important to think about this question before beginning the auction.


Signing up to the Followmybid platform is free, allowing you to explore the platform without any obligation. Our fees apply to transaction processing where you are charged a fixed percentage rate on the invoice total amount of your successful bidders and donors once your auction closes. The cost per transaction is 8% + $0.30. The cost per transaction collected by Followmybid is 5.1% for using the platform and 2.9% + $0.30 collected by Stripe, our payment processor. Please note that the cost per transaction may vary depending on the participant’s credit card and the type of organization that receives the funds raised during the auction.

Followmybid’s platform fees include a per-transaction fee and a platform service fee. These fees are necessary to keep the platform running smoothly and to cover administrative and online payment processing costs with Stripe.

You can give your participants the option of covering service fees when they pay their bill. By allowing participants to cover fees, you can raise more money for your cause. For more details on allowing participants to cover service fees, please check our blog post.

If a Stripe account has not been set up yet:

The auction administrator will receive an invoice by email to pay the service fees after the auction closes.

If a Stripe account has been set up:

Once the auction closes, the service fees will be calculated and deducted automatically from the total amount of the successful bidders’ and donors’ invoices.

Yes. Set up a Stripe account when creating the auction. In addition to facilitating automated payment management by depositing funds directly into the organization’s bank account, setting up a Stripe account offers an optimal transaction solution. Once the auction closes, invoices are automatically generated and sent to the successful bidders and donors, who can pay online with their credit card via Stripe.

We use an automated payment system to send invoices automatically after the auction closes. Successful bidders and donors can pay their invoices online securely with Stripe using their credit card.

Once the auction closes, successful bidders and donors will receive an invoice by email.

Yes, the auction administrator can track payments on the "Invoicing" page of the Followmybid platform. This gives the auction administrator access to a list of all item purchases and donations, enabling them to see which invoices have been paid and which are still awaiting payment.

A payment processor is a service that allows you to manage, make and settle payments and purchases online.

To facilitate the payment management process, Followmybid decided to go with the solutions offered by the payment processor Stripe.

If you use Stripe with Followmybid, this payment processor offers the following solutions:

  • Online payment platform
  • Simple pricing
  • Secure online invoice payment
  • Automatic deposit of funds

An online payment provider handles card transactions between a buyer (user or customer) and a vendor (company offering products or services).

The payment processor simultaneously and securely connects to the vendor’s account and the payment gateway to exchange transaction information. Once the transaction information is processed and validated, the processor deposits the funds into the correct account, depending on the services or products offered. The processor also confirms that transactions have been completed successfully or have failed to process.

Technical assistance

Yes. You can access Followmybid from a computer, tablet, or cell phone, regardless of whether you use iOS, Android, Microsoft, or any other OS.

Are you still hesitating? Get a demo and discover how the platform works before making a decision.

Get support from our team if you have technical questions along the way.

Auction set-up

No. The possibilities are ENDLESS. You can add as many items as you want and invite as many participants as you so desire.

Our platform takes on a large part of the work associated with organizing an online auction, but it cannot do everything!
So, you must:

  • Solicit items and create partnerships
  • Import item images and descriptions
  • Import participant list and send out invitations
  • Set up the platform to meet your needs
  • Manage payments

The good news is we have all the tools you need, so your work remains as fun and easy as possible!

You can add your logo, change the platform to match your brand colours, import images, and more.

No! Absolutely everything can be modified completely by auction administrators at all times.

No. Your auction will not be online until you publish it.

Yes. You can change, remove or add items throughout your auction.

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