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Organize engaging activities to promote and boost your corporate social responsibility, improve employee loyalty and team building, and enhance your brand image.

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Corporate philanthropy creates...

A strong sense of belonging

A strong sense of belonging

Boost your recruitment process and employee retention! A solid philanthropic track record is one of the best ways to attract and hold onto talent. The key to engaging employees in fundraisers is selecting a cause that aligns with their values.

A close-knit and creative team

A close-knit and creative team

Create opportunities for collaboration and team spirit by bringing your employees together. You will improve team synergy while building a space for creativity and productivity.

A thriving corporate culture

A thriving corporate culture

Offering a space where common goals and interests make a positive impact in the community will bring great pride to your teams. Fun settings and unique team-building activities will affect the success of your event.

A positive reputation

A positive reputation

Increase your notoriety and polish your brand image. There’s no better way to get good press than supporting non-profit organizations. Make a real difference in your community while increasing your company’s value!

A strong relationship with a non-profit organization (NPO)

A strong relationship with a non-profit organization (NPO)

A constructive relationship between your business and an NPO allows you to promote your values, increase brand recognition, and position yourself as a responsible employer. You will also help improve the quality of life in your local community and boost sales at the same time.

Revenue diversification for NPOs

Revenue diversification for NPOs

Help non-profit organizations diversify and multiply their revenue streams. Organizing online auctions helps you fund NPO initiatives with interactive activities by selling items and collecting donations.

Fundraising activities to get more involved

Online donations platform
Circular economy
Selling off excess inventory
Garage sales
Liquidating assets

Start your interactive auction in just a few clicks

Discover a turnkey platform for implementing philanthropic initiatives:

  • Raise funds for one or more non-profits
  • Offer a fun activity for employees, partners, and clients
  • Hold a public or private auction
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How to keep employees engaged

Encourage team members to provide items for your auction. You can create a private auction for your teams or a public one to reach a broader audience.

Be creative! Some item ideas are:

  • The best parking spot at work
  • A service provided by a team member
  • Leftover inventory
  • Gifts from your suppliers
  • Office furniture or computer equipment no longer in use
  • Symbolic items (for example, sponsoring a student by covering the cost of lunches for their entire school year)

Get inspired

Check out our catalogue of inspiring item ideas for a unique digital auction.
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A million reasons to give back

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Customizable and intuitive auction

Customize your auction by adding your logo, brand colours, and more. Configuration options are endless, and everyone will love how user-friendly the platform is!

Quick and easy auction creation

The platform takes care of everything. From sending invitations to automated bidding notifications, creating and managing your online auction is as easy as 1-2-3.

End of auction report

The End of Auction Report provides valuable data about your activity. Share results to showcase your team’s contribution to the cause and express gratitude to all your participants and partners.

Unlimited social engagement

When organizing an auction, there is no limit to the number of partners, participants, or items. We want to encourage as many social involvement initiatives as possible. Plus, there is no limit on the total amount raised during the auction. However, we recommend that you select the plan that best suits the reality of your activity before starting an auction.

Online payment system

Invoices are created and sent automatically after the auction. Participants and donors can then pay online through a secure payment system.

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Inspiring success stories

Discover the success stories of non-profits, businesses, and individuals engaged in their communities. Learn how they supported causes that were important to them. Great examples of social involvement and fundraising events await!

Creating an interactive and engaging activity is easier than ever

Followmybid allows you to participate in a movement of social change through its online auction platform.
No set-up costs
8%* /per transaction
For winning bidders and donors when paying their bills at the end of the auction
*There is also a fixed fee of $0.30 per transaction. The cost per transaction may occasionally vary depending on the participant’s credit card or the type of organization receiving the funds.

All our auctions include :

  • Real-time management of bids and donations
  • Automated invoice generation
  • Stripe payment processor integrated into the platform to facilitate invoice payment for participants
  • Functionality enabling participants to assume transaction costs
  • Ability to require a credit card from participants before the first bid to avoid unpleasant surprises

Features you will love

Followmybid is a sure value for organizing simple, profitable, fun, and engaging activities.
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Auction duration of your choice
Flat design of purple and lime green chat bubbles
Access to our integrated messaging system
Flat designs of a purple phone and a lime green speech bubble
Technical support as needed
Purple and lime green icons of people
Unlimited number of items, participants, and partners
Flat design of a purple and lime green projector screen
Giant screen interface for in-person events
Flat design of a lime green piggy bank
Possibility of adding a module to collect donations

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