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Simple management

Simple management

No more hassle and time wasted on administrative tasks that prevent you from focusing on your initiatives to make the world a better place.

Our platform provides an automation solution that makes it easier for you to communicate, send invitations, and invoice participants so that you can focus your attention on what’s most important.

Fun, interactive experience

Fun, interactive experience

First and foremost, philanthropy is about caring about the welfare of others. Because of this, we strongly believe in an experience that values interaction and participation.

Thanks to our automated tool, the platform encourages participants to bid again and again and makes communication easier. This makes holding an auction simple, whether online, in person, or at a hybrid event.

More committed customers and partners

More committed customers and partners

Thanks to the numerous assigned tasks offered on the platform, it is simple to develop a partnership plan and offer items donated by dedicated partners.

Delegating certain tasks or auction management to specific persons within your organization is also possible. It is even possible for a company to take the initiative and organize an auction for the benefit of a non-profit all on its own.

They put their trust in us

Create a customized auction in minutes

Create a customized auction in minutes

Gone are the days of getting lost in platform settings and having to call technical support. With Followmybid, benefit fit from all the necessary tools to succeed in your fundraising activities. Prepare your auction and add, remove, or modify items easily. During set-up, crop your images directly in the platform and choose which partners you want to showcase on each item page.

Integrated message tool
Integrated message tool
Stay in contact with your participants! The messaging system allows you to send messages to one or multiple people at a time.
Live performance follow up
Live performance follow up
In the blink of an eye, follow auction performance in real-time: number of bids, most popular items, most active participants, etc.
Unmatched participation and engagement

Unmatched participation and engagement

Invite your participants prior to the auction or let them register themselves: it’s up to you. They can even reuse their existing account if they have already used the platform in the past.

Followmybid allows participants to establish a list of favourite items, donate in a few clicks, and follow their bids closely until the very end. The out-bid notifications help create an element of friendly competition. The higher, the better!

Thanks to direct interaction with participants, our virtual auctions bring 25% more benefits than traditional silent auctions.

Invitation management
Invitation management
Verify the state of your invitations and reach out again to participants who still need to confirm their registration. 
Multiplatform interface
Multiplatform interface
The platform adapts itself to participant devices, whether a computer, a smartphone, or a tablet.

Details that will make your event memorable

Creating an interactive and engaging activity is easier than ever

Followmybid allows you to participate in a movement of social change through its online auction platform.
No set-up costs
8%* /per transaction
For winning bidders and donors when paying their bills at the end of the auction
*There is also a fixed fee of $0.30 per transaction. The cost per transaction may occasionally vary depending on the participant’s credit card or the type of organization receiving the funds.

All our auctions include :

  • Real-time management of bids and donations
  • Automated invoice generation
  • Stripe payment processor integrated into the platform to facilitate invoice payment for participants
  • Functionality enabling participants to assume transaction costs
  • Ability to require a credit card from participants before the first bid to avoid unpleasant surprises

Features you will love

Followmybid is a sure value for organizing simple, profitable, fun, and engaging activities.
Flat design of a purple and lime green clock
Auction duration of your choice
Flat design of purple and lime green chat bubbles
Access to our integrated messaging system
Flat designs of a purple phone and a lime green speech bubble
Technical support as needed
Purple and lime green icons of people
Unlimited number of items, participants, and partners
Flat design of a purple and lime green projector screen
Giant screen interface for in-person events
Flat design of a lime green piggy bank
Possibility of adding a module to collect donations

And you, what's your goal?

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