Creating a mobilizing activity is easier than ever

Access the platform in a few minutes and start setting up your auction

Access the platform in a few minutes and start setting up your auction

For NPOs, businesses and individuals who want to participate in improving the well-being of their community.

  • No upfront cost.
  • Automated payment management with Stripe payment processor.
  • Easy bill payment solution for participants with Stripe payment processor integrated in the Followmybid platform and connected to your account.
  • Cost per transaction of 8% + $0.30*.
  • Feature enabling participants to pay transaction fees.

*The cost per transaction may occasionally vary depending on the participants' credit card or the type of organization receiving the funds.

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Features you will love

Followmybid is a sure value for organizing simple, lucrative, and fun mobilizing activities.
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Auction of the duration of your choice
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Access to our integrated messaging system
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Technical support when needed
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Unlimited number of items, participants and partners
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Giant screen interface for in-person events
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Possibility of adding a module to collect donations
Tailored launch
For all organizations that anticipate raising large sums of money, wish to hold multiple auctions, or already have their payment method.
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Frequently asked questions

What is included in the price?

All our plans include the following:

  • Access to the platform
  • An auction of the duration of your choice
  • An unlimited number of items, participants, and partners
  • A giant screen interface for in-person events
  • And technical support, as long as you need it

What is included under technical assistance?

Find answers to all your questions in our Help Center or get help from our team if you have technical questions along the way.

How can I proceed with payment for your services and how can participants pay for their items and donations?

Ready to launch plan:

The Stripe platform enables you to process payments. When the auction is over, invoices are generated and sent automatically to the winners and donors. They can then pay by credit card directly on the platform.

Tailored launch plan:

You will need to make your auction payment online during your registration process with a member of our team.

To learn more about payment processing, see the question "What is Stripe, and how does a payment processor work?"

Note that the Followmybid platform has a feature that allows participants to pay transaction fees.

As the organizer, what are my responsibilities?

You will have to:

  • Solicit items from your partners
  • Import the images and descriptions of your items
  • Import your list of participants
  • Setup the platform according to your needs
  • And manage payments

The good news is that you have all the tools to make your job quick and easy!

Does Followmybid take a percentage of revenues generated by auctions?

It depends on the plan you choose:

If you choose the Ready to launch plan, there is no membership or upfront fees, but the cost per transaction is 8% + $0.30. The cost per transaction collected by Followmybid is 5.1% for using the platform and 2.9% + $0.30 collected by Stripe, our payment processor. Please note that the cost per transaction may vary depending on the credit card of the participants and the type of organization that receives the funds raised during the auction.

If the Ready to launch plan is different from what you're looking for we also have the Tailored launch plan. We recommend contacting our team of fundraising experts so they can provide you with the ideal solution for your fundraising activity.*

*However, if you use Stripe, a payment processor, this provider applies a per-transaction fee.

*With the Tailored launch plan, you will be able to manage the payments outside the Followmybid platform if you are not using the integrated solution of the payment processor Stripe. Each participant who wins an item will receive an invoice automatically. Furthermore, you will receive a detailed list of all the invoices issued to your auction participants. It will then be possible to reconcile these invoices with the payments received.

What is Stripe, and how does a payment processor work?

A payment processor is a service that allows you to manage, make and settle payments and purchases online.

To facilitate the payment management process, Followmybid decided to go with the solutions offered by the payment processor Stripe.

If you use Stripe with Followmybid, this payment processor offers the following solutions:

  • Online payment platform
  • Simple pricing
  • Secure way to pay online bill
  • Automatic deposit of money

A provider that offers online payment solutions handles card transactions between a buyer (user or customer) and a vendor (company offering products or services).

The payment processor simultaneously and securely connects to the vendor's account and the payment gateway to exchange transaction information. Once the transaction information is processed and validated, the processor deposits the funds into the seller's or buyer's account, depending on the services or products offered. The processor's role also includes confirming the transaction's success or failure.

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