Our user fees include guidance for getting started, technical support, access to our integrated messaging system and much more. Get ready to create all kinds of digital auctions with unparalleled ease!

To learn more about how Followmybid works, check out our frequently asked questions.

Potential users are wondering how much it costs to use our fundraising platform.
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Pricing for online auctions
There is a flat fee that you must pay at the end of your auction. We do not take any percentage of the money raised through our platform.
The price includes:
  • Access to the Followmybid platform
  • An auction in the duration of your choice
  • An unlimited number of lots, participants and partners
  • Guidance for setting up your auction
  • Unlimited technical support
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Frequently asked questions

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What is included in the price?

  • Platform access
  • Guidance for getting started on the platform
  • An auction of the duration of your choice
  • An unlimited number of items, participants and partners
  • As much technical assistance as you need!

How do I get access to the platform?

We are honoured that you asked this question! To get your own access, contact us.

How can I proceed to payment for your services?

At the end of your auction, we will send you an invoice.

You may settle the invoice through Stripe, electronic transfer or by cheque.

Is it possible to have an annual subscription?

Not at the moment.

However, we have a dedicated team that is constantly improving the platform and user experience. So, stay tuned to what is coming next!

Does Followmybid take a percentage of revenues generated by the auction?

No. All the money collected goes directly to your organization.

However, if you chose to use the Stripe payment platform, they may impose service fees.

See all frequently asked questions

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