Who developed Followmybid?

Nmédia Solutions built the architecture and structure of the application based on its experience and knowledge in the Web field.

Nmédia is a company that supports its clients throughout all their Web, mobile and software projects, proposing electronic business solutions tailored to their specific needs for both current and future business processes.

Created in 2000, Nmédia now has nearly 600 projects under its belt, and a team of 55 professionals from all Web, mobile and software industry specializations is developing at the pace of innovation while being fueled by the values of creativity, passion, avant-gardism, respect and well-being... Values that are at the very heart of the team’s work philosophy and business relations. Even though the past few years have been synonymous with growth, Nmédia has been able to preserve the very principles on which the company was founded, i.e., valuing its human capital and skills.

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Why was Followmybid created?

Traditionally, a silent auction involved a set of products up for auction associated with a sheet listing descriptive information as well as a number of blank lines. Guests wishing to bid must then write down their name, telephone number and the amount bid on the line following the current bid, etc. At the end of the event, the organizers gather the sheets, and then identify and contact the winners to provide them with their bill and collect payments.

Not only must the bidders travel every time there is a bid, but also to check whether they have been overbid. Therefore, at any time during the evening, several bidders may drop or forget about the current auction, resulting in several donations being lost. Moreover, there is no follow-up on the current bids other than the sheets that accompany the products, which do not prompt guests to bid more. Lastly, the organizers have a lot of work on their hands after the event to calculate the funds raised and to identify the winners.

Therefore, Followmybid was created to simplify the process of managing a silent auction, and make the experience more pleasant for both the administrators and the participants in order to raise more funds.

Which technologies does Followmybid use?

The application uses several technologies from the Microsoft line: Microsoft .Net 4.5, Visual Studio 2012 and SQL Server 2012.

More concretely, the Web presentation layer was based on a combination of ASP.NET MVC, jQuery, knockout and Ajax. As well, the integration of technologies like SignalR has enabled to directly update data that has been modified by other users without having to refresh the screen. To use text messages, an external library is used to cover the number of messages to send. Expertise in ergonomics and Web application design at Nmédia Solutions helped guarantee an optimal user experience.

What is the system access and support technological infrastructure?

Lag dynamics can be accessed based on a service-oriented architecture (SOA). This is all based on the robust and versatile corporate architecture of Nmédia, Nms.Core.

Where is the platform hosted?

In order serve a maximum number of cases as effectively as possible, the application was published in Azure, Microsoft’s cloud computing system. Azure is used to build, deploy and manage applications and services via a world network of data centres managed by Microsoft. With this platform, you can define the number of active servers needed to meet the demand. This is important for this application, since the load may vary depending on the size of the event for the silent auction.

How much will it cost to use the interactive auction solution?

Contact us and let us take cognizance of your needs so that we can provide you with a
customized quote.

Is there a limit to the number of administrators and bidders that can use application?

There is no limit for an auction that is held exclusively on the Web. When the auction takes place in a room, you must ensure that there is an Internet connection that is fast enough to support the anticipated number of users.

Is it easy for participants to make the transition from a traditional paper-pencil silent auction to an interactive digital auction?

The learning curve is low since the application is easy to use. Guests only have to follow the instructions sent to them by the administrator on their cell phones. Moreover, it is recommended to have a contact person (coordinator) on site to field questions from participants. Having hostesses can help those who are adverse to this new technology, who have problems with their cell phone or who want someone to follow the bids of an item for them.

Does Followmybid work on all mobile devices?

Followmybid works on all mobile devices, but the quality however may vary between platforms. The platform is constantly being improved. If you encounter display problems, we welcome any recommendations for improvement.

What should I do if one of my participants does not have a telephone?

We must anticipate that someone might not have a telephone and ask if this is so before holding the auction. Several options are then possible depending on the plan selected. If a person does not have a telephone, he can use tablets set up for this purpose or ask a hostess, if hostesses are present to bid for him. If not, we strongly recommend that at least one contact person (coordinator) be on site to administer the platform, so that those without phones can ask him to bid on their behalf. In any event, this issue must be settled before holding the auction.

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