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Organize an online auction in 6 easy steps.
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“Initially, we had no items to offer during our auction. The Followmybid team came to us with a great idea. Why not ask our team to provide items? It created a fantastic opportunity for Nmedians to work together toward a common goal. Almost everyone pitched in, and finally, we had over 170 items listed. [...] The platform is incredibly user-friendly, and we raised more money than we ever imagined with Followmybid.”
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Mélanie, Vice President Human Capital and Customer Service at Nmédia, whose auction raised over $10,000 to support Comptoir alimentaire Drummond.

Organize an online auction in 6 steps

Follow these six easy steps to plan your fundraising event effectively:

Pitch the idea of hosting an auction to your company and involve your team, social committee, or executives. List office equipment (or other) that is no longer in use and could be auctioned off.


Encourage each participant to donate an item to the auction (you can use our item submission form and email templates to simplify the process).


Create your auction on the Followmybid platform and add items and potential partners to your auction site.


Share the auction link with your team once your auction is ready.


Enjoy the excitement of an online, in-person, or hybrid auction during your Christmas party.


Donate the proceeds to your local food bank or the cause of your choice.

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Give a generous spoonful this holiday season!

Although the holiday season is typically associated with celebrations and family get-togethers, it can be a challenging and isolating period for many.

No one should experience hunger over the holidays; this year, again, food banks sound the alarm. With the rising inflation rate, food insecurity has hit crisis levels recently. According to the 2023 HungerCount report, published by Food Banks of Québec, monthly requests for food assistance have spiked by 14% in just one year, reaching a concerning 2.6 million, and nearly 870,000 people.

It’s never too late to get involved and take action to ensure that everyone has enough to eat this holiday season. Use the Followmybid online auction platform to set up a fundraising event quickly and effortlessly. You can also turn this fundraiser into a team building activity or integrate it into your work Christmas party.

Why choose Followmybid?

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The Followmybid platform is user-friendly, fun, and fully automated, and it only takes a few clicks to start your fundraising activity.

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The role of corporate social responsibility (CSR) is on the rise in the corporate world. Engaging in philanthropic activities like a charity auction can set a business apart as a driver of positive change.

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There's nothing better than a mobilizing activity to unite a team and improve corporate culture. A Followmybid auction is a unique and accessible way to strengthen team cohesion while mobilizing your employees to support a cause.

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Incorporating a Followmybid auction into any event, whether online, in-person, or a combination of both, is a simple process. The holiday season is a time of reunion and rejoicing, so why not get your team into the holiday spirit by giving back and supporting a cause together?

So don’t wait any longer, and start organizing a fundraising event.

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